Technological and human progress

Against the negative labels that designate the Mexican industrial and technological performance, nowadays a diversity of entrepreneurs fight and make an effort to demonstrate that Mexico is capable of designing and producing its own first quality machinery. This is evidenced by the founder, who with his corporate project IRODI Y Maquinados de Precision, since 2012, and experience in the automobile industry, decided to work and innovate with his own ideas. The founder describes his experience as a bird with the strength and intentions to fly by himself.

IRODI Y Maquinados de Precision has been working since its foundation as a metal-mechanic corporation dedicated to provide services of precision machining, design, fixture fabrication and automated machines; this thanks to the implementation of engineering standards that guarantee quality, safety and productivity, recognized by the corporation´s own description and supported by its clients. Even if this big efforts have demanded facing a diversity of hardships, intensive labor sessions and sleep deprivation, the founder doesn´t have any regrets and even reaffirms his conviction to stand his ground and keep moving forward. For this motives the corporation is certified in ISO 9001:2008 which helps improve its services.

For the founder, the true value of becoming an entrepreneur is the opportunity to carry out new and different projects. Either as human being or entrepreneur, his missions revolve around impulsing those surrounding him. Motivating IRODI personnel to become entrepreneurs and enthusiasts so that they can reach their goals and become successful in life.